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Opportunity Hub is a youth-led organisation focusing on bridging the gap between opportunities, access to information and young people. 

We began in 2018 and have been working at spreading awareness of a range of opportunities to young people. Our focus also entails self-care, self-development and educational resources that we can share with the community. 


  1. Lack of awareness of opportunities & resources available 

  2. Lack of focus on mental well-being, self-awareness & development

  3. Lack of sufficient teaching surrounding life-changing topics e.g finances. 


1. The Hub: a space for young people to access help from one another, resources and opportunities.

2. Workshops + Programmes: using creative ways to teach young people about creative pathways

3. Events: To embrace talent and creativity + focus on wellbeing 

4. Newsletter: share opportunities and resources

Meet The Team


Olamide Taiwo (they/she)


Olamide is not only the founder of Opportunity Hub but is also actively exploring the creative industry.

From djing at Somerset House, writing for The Black Excellence Network and many more to participating in radio workshops with Reprezent Radio. They are also an organiser for the Halo Code Campaign and a trustee at GlobalGirlMedia UK.

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Michelle Chan (she/her)


Michelle Chan (she/her)


Michelle has always been interested in how technology, maths and data play a key role in the variable world we see today. She fulfils this passion through online courses, learning different coding languages and picking up technical skills along the way. She hopes to soon get a career that utilises these skills after university.

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Adrienne Larmond (she/her)


Adrienne Larmond (she/her)


Adrienne is a second year historian. She enjoys playing football alongside her studies and also a has a deep passion for improving opportunities and access for her peers and generations to come. Her most recent way of doing so has been assisting university applicants with their personal statements. Becoming a blogger for Opportunity Hub has been fantastic as it allows her to combine one of her favourite skills, writing, with her love for access.

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Answer Ogbonnaya (she/her)


Answer enjoys learning about the human body and how to help others through her knowledge, hence why she has chosen to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. She currently volunteers at ParentSkills2go which helps younger children learn important life skills and has assisted in the production of a children's comic book. 

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Quincy Ogueri (he/him)


Quincy has a high level of interest in the technology industry and the implementation of new/developing technologies like Mixed Reality and Machine Learning.

He plans to make use of his experience and knowledge from the industry to promote ethical implications of technology in larger companies. Aside from that, he has a podcast called ‘The QMS Podcast’ where him and his friends share advice and experiences on a variety of topics.

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Olamide Taiwo (they/she)


Morenike Akinnawonu (she/her)


Morenike is interested in a career in marketing and advertising. She engages her interests in outreach work by volunteering in various roles. Such as Senior Welfare officer for the Oxford African & Caribbean Society, BAME representative for Jesus College Oxford JCR and mentoring aspiring debaters with DebateMate.

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